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Going out on a Saturday night + Not home until midnight = LIVING la vida loca

I’ve been smoking a lot of Colgate lately–the college fair, #ColgateDay, a great opening to the men’s basketball season, and an alumni interview yesterday morning. I’ve also realized that college is a big blurry memory for me, but what I DO REMEMBER are those nights when you stayed in was the unusual night and going out was the norm. I have a new normal now so much that going out is like unprecedented even.

So last night, best neighbor Becky gets a gold star for rallying and going out with me on the spur of the moment. As in we were out the door within twenty minutes and had a bravo bang-up time out on the town. Art, urban, hip, culture, drinks, cool.

1. After driving past the Southwest School of Art, we turned down a dark alley to tour the art of the streets.







2. Then we walked around the Hays Street Bridge, a redevelopment project of a railroad bridge in East here that overlooks the Alamo Beer Company.




3. We stumbled upon second Saturday Art Walk–how hip and cool are we!?



4. DRINKS! Rakia-based cocktails at Dorcol Distilling Company. We both picked the French 75 (rakia, lemon, sugar, bubbly) as a nod to the attacks Friday in Paris. It was a tough choice because the cocktail menu has lots of great choices.




5. And we rounded out the night at The Luxury, in the tradition of the here ice house. There are a few other places like this, but The Luxury is right alongside the river which is so chill AND they have a bocce court. LOVE.




I was literally crawling into bed AFTER midnight–WAYYY PAST MY BEDTIME! Luckily my sweet husband who wouldn’t go out with me in the first place on Saturday night let me sleep in like a single person on Sunday morning.

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