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A delicious king cake baby (in the making)

As previously indicated, we are NOT photo shoot people.

OH. MY. GOODNESS. Look at their house. It. Is. A. Mess. What kind of background is that? The lighting is terrible. Why didn’t they use a filter. Oh. My. Goodness. W-h-a-t were they thinking and WHAT will people think? 

Girl, please.

So here’s our news: last night, our king cakes arrived from New Orleans…

… and OJ found the baby.

It’s a GIIIRL baby and she had her own in utero photo shoot yesterday. While he has a big smile on his face, do not be fooled into thinking it’s because he is excited about the news–his shit-eating grin is more likely to do with getting to eat KING CAKE and being HIGH on just the SMELL of sugar.

Before we broke out the king cake, we got out the camera to document telling future Big Brother the news, so he got out his camera too. He looked quizzically at the sonogram photos for a long time (“Photos that are not on mom phone?! What is this!?!” he thinks).

He seemed very non-plussed about the news, like we were telling him something he already knew. (“Yeah. Baby sister.” Whatever. KING CAKE N-O-W!!! I know letters.)

So this Miss is arriving in July, likely around Dad’s birthday, to which we all say: DELICIOUS.


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