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For those new to the show, our FAQ’s.


Q: What in the world is Tottering Hall?

T: It’s a ridiculous name you named your apartment.

M: Here is the official history of Tottering Hall.


2007: establishment of Tottering Hall

FIVE YEARS AGO, in September 2007, I was moving in to my first apartment (I definitely called it a “flat”) here in DC.

At the same time, my friend MJ was moving into a named house in Manchester, England, called Hadleigh. Not to be outdone but mostly still longing to be British, I wanted to move into a named property as well. As those are hard to come by here in DC, I decided to imagine a name for my new flat, to bring British style full force. So after much thinking and deliberations, I finally decided upon TOTTERING HALL. The name seemed to encapsulate me, my spirit and what I hoped my home would become. So I put it on social calling cards I printed and started giving it out as part of my mailing address.


2009: establishment of the official Tottering Hall Blog, TotteringHall.Blogspot.com

THREE YEARS AGO, in May 2009, I was going on an epic journey. I was taking 2 weeks from work to visit Copenhagen, Malmo, Manchester, and of course London to then fly back to New York City to drive up to Colgate for my 5 year college reunion. With such a bold itinerary and looking to reconnect with the infamous emails that I would send from my time in London on study group, I decided to start the Tottering Hall blog to share/brag about my trip. The blog has become a genuine source of enjoyment and pleasure for me these past years.

THREE YEARS AGO, in December 2009, unbeknownst to me (but I kind of knew it), I was beginning a different journey. I met T.


2012: establishment of the official Tottering Hall Website, TotteringHall.com

FAST FORWARD THREE YEARS LATER, and T and I are becoming Lord and Lady of Tottering Hall, man and wife. The blog will continue and with the launch of our new joint enterprise, we have purchased the domain name totteringhall.com for all things about our future family and lives together.


2013: The Tottering Hall Wedding

We are using the new Tottering Hall domain as our wedding website for now, but watch this space as history unfolds in the future here at Tottering Hall.


Q: Who is getting married at the Tottering Hall wedding?

Reinventing a brand? A marriage is about combining everything–finances, names, families, lives. I am, however, still fumbling with combining British and New Orleans cultural references–are we making our own krewe called Tottering Hall? That does not match. Is the wedding our own Tottering Hall Ball? I think the only place that works is in my dreams. Are we lord and lady or, better, king and queen? We can only be one but not both. I continue to struggle with these analogies but the easier question is the most basic question–what do Tottering Hall and New Orleans have in common? They are BOTH all about having a good time, and they BOTH keep royalty. I can be down with BOTH of those things.


Q: At what point did Tottering Hall begin to include a Lord? 

We met the week between Christmas and New Year, in 2009. At some point in time, T started calling me his sweet lady.

And then he proposed.

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