Advent challenge: THE BIIIG FINISH

I need you to know that we did each of these last four activities.

We did watch the Nutcracker ballet. It just may have been the Nutcracker ballet, ala Daniel Tiger. A cartoon that is twenty minutes is more his speed rather than a ballet that is an hour-and-a-half long.

We did bake Christmas cookies. They may have been gingerbread cookies from a box. And it may have been the same day OJ broke into the chocolate Advent calendar from Aunt M. Literally, broke, in.

We did wrap a gift for the other parent, with OJ. He just may need to go to Elf School. This activity was fortuitous because no more than one hour prior had he unwrapped one of his own presents when I was out of the room for two minutes. Wrapping gifts for the other parents with him, we tried to explain that we have to wait until Christmas to open these presents.

We did make a birthday cake for Jesus. Because everyone knows that baby Jesus’s birthday cake is angel food cake. And that you can’t make angel food cake in a bundt pant so off I went to BB&B at 8:00am to purchase one Calphalon angel food cake pan (with sale and coupons, only $8.00!!). But a birthday cake for his friend Jesus? OJ is all over that. Watching a full Nutcracker? Waiting for gifts? Not so much.

Baby Jesus’s birthday party, here we come.

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