Life at the Hall

And it’s only TUESDAY

Many firsts this week, and it’s only TUESDAY.

Monday: mom’s first day with both kids, solo. She survives! For practice, we went out after nap time to Target and Central Market. As I was going through the multi-step process of getting both kids out of the car, another mom rolled up with a toddler in the cart and a baby in a Bjorn and I told her, “IT’S OUR FIRST TIME!” and she cheered me on, “YOU GOT THIS!” and we both did our best mom dance moves in the Target parking lot.

Showing off both baby options: take up the whole cart with the car seat OR strap her on with the sling.

An older woman in the CM parking lot told me I was brave to go out with two kids, and I told her it was our first time! She just LAUUUUGGGGHHHHEEEEDDD….

Tuesday: first day of school. Talk about a production.

It’s just a lot of hullabaloo and not enough sleep to endure it all.

And then there was this:

Sadly, this was NOT the first spilled coffee of the morning. Lord, give me strength. And a trip to Starbucks.

After school drop and latte pickup, Little Miss and I made her first Junior League donation for the Hurricane Harvey relief effort….

… and then we rounded out our first “mommy and me morning date” at the new bagel shop just down the street that (finally) opened today. It was bananas busy for a bagel shop at 11:00am.

These bagels were a long time coming–like they started advertising before I even got pregnant. Some things are worth the wait, and extra stress.

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