Yes, I can use it because John OJ is on severe hiatus. SEVERE. His last show was November 22 and he is not back until February 14. Talk about the things you learn from Jon Stewart.

Worshiping Heroes 

You might even say it’s ironic or ridiculous that we named our child, OJ JOHN, not to be confused with JOHN OJ. Yes, I wanted to name him EOIN but that’s another story for another time. But maybe it makes sense to have named our child so closely to the satirical Brit comedian–after all, in all the time we have known each other, we have spent much time worshiping the satirical gospels of Jon (Stewart), Stephen (Colbert) and John (OJ).

Worshiping Other Churches 

In fact today after mass (I’ve got nothing else on my dance card on Sunday with Jon OJ on hiatus!) I wanted to fact check some things about the church we have been going to (the priest said something about being an Oblate and I had to know if they are the same oblates as Father Greenfield!? They are not…). And for the love of God, do you know what the top google suggestion was after I typed “Our Lady of…”?


Need more?

One month later, in an “AND NOW THIS” segment, they closed down the church.


But our FAVORITE Last Week Tonight “AND NOW THIS” segment is the series featuring the most patient man on television.


Ironically patience is not T’s strong suite.

Before Christmas he loved his (undisclosed employer) travel mug. But as he drives to work each morning he listens to his FAVORITE program, Washington Journal on CSPAN. So THIS is T’s favorite Christmas present and new favorite travel mug. You can take the boy out of DC but not the DC out of the boy.



Come back, John OJ. Come back. My soul is thirsting.





Texas is looking pretty good right about now, huh? The weather, the gas prices, the irresistible baby, YES. But maybe that’s why I need John OJ back–as the presidential campaign drags on, I need sense in this world and especially where we live. We’ve gone from TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION to Super Tuesday voters, but I am not sure if it’s an upgrade…

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