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And the shot heard ’round the world

Overheard at Tottering Hall tonight:

M: I want to get a rain barrel. You good with that?
T: What are you going to do with it? Make love? Dance in a circle?

Sweet Jesus. For real?! It’s NOT that hippie crunchy. And it doesn’t have to look like crap!


But how apropos–he just sent me this article yesterday for all of my free-time reading: How Many Republicans Marry Democrats?

For the record, though, Mary Matalin recently changed her party registration from Republican to Libertarian.

p.s. I love James Carville. LOVE. He’s like my old man crush. For real, y’all. I remember walking to work at (undisclosed employer) listening to the most recent book they wrote together, Love & War: Twenty Years, Three Presidents, Two Daughters and One Louisiana Home, and it was just such a happy start to my day. Kind of like when they still lived in Old Town Alexandria before they moved back to New Orleans and I would run into him getting coffee at Starbucks in the morning when I was working at (undisclosed employer).

I’ve been thinking a bunch about (undisclosed employer) lately. STT and I are making a girls weekend in Denver at the end of the month, and after Becky mentioned that the botanic garden there is “so good”, I remembered it was a signature (undisclosed employer) project. Like, all of the good botanic garden work was in Colorado. But those were the good old days–when I was hell-spent on pursuing urban design and sustainability and still loathing living in America after returning from London.


Back in the good old days when I was more more hip than I could handle. Which brings me back to the beginning, in the present time. Here I am not just living IN AMERICA but in TEXAS in a suburban, single-family home, married to a Republican (but if he doesn’t vote, does he actually count?) and working on my mom jeans. Couldn’t be further from that hip, young, urban and anti-patriotic girl (yep, I’ve been thinking a lot about that girl as I’m packing for our big fourth of July celebrations in Louisiana this weekend). What a complex web of irony. BUT I STILL WANT A RAIN BARREL. And I still love James Carville.

Happy Fourth of July, y’all. Celebrate before we all start crying in November, regardless of political party.

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