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We take care of our own

“Things” have been crazy and are crazy at Tottering Hall for the past several months, weeks and now days. Happily, though, T takes care of me.

Tonight is my event at work. Yesterday he sent me flowers–to Keep Calm and Carry On.

We left this morning at an ungodly hour so T could get to the DMV to get our new MINI inspected and he could get a DC license (and formally relinquish Louisiana residency). He needed me to print paperwork for him so he bought me coffee and breakfast, that was nice.

I sent a message to our families about wedding weekend details. He responded to remind them it’s all on the website and to redirect any questions to him, to keep them away from me. What a protector!

It’s not on the calendar yet but I have an appointment at 11am on Saturday at the spa. He’s even going to drive me there. What service!

I don’t know what I do, other than know I am lucky to have someone take care of me.