Life at the Hall

Blame it on Daniel Tiger


I take ZERO credit for this idea. Kids playing in big boxes is time immemorial. But there was also THIS Daniel Tiger episode, “Daniel and Miss Elaina Play Rocketship”. 

So when our long rectangular box arrived from Wayfair today, it was inevitable that this would happen.

And then it became a project. I asked him if he wanted a tunnel or an airplane. He wanted an airplane, but kind of got both, because we left the back open so he can crawl into the airplane. I asked him what airline is the airplane? “Sows-wess”.


In other news, we have been on hiatus from Christmas to Colgate Day. There was a disagreement between management concerning the blog and I’ve been “reevaluating”.

What’s the disagreement? Privacy, of course. I feel like he pissed on my parade. But understand his point of view, obviously. So I’ve been a bit lost about how to proceed in a way that I feel is genuine and authentic writing while protecting our enterprise. The answer is that I haven’t come up with an answer yet, but I am asking the questions, and for now, back to posting. Stay tuned, my four readers.

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