Yesterday was a grey and gloomy day–yes, even here in Texas. The season it is a changin’.

I was comforted by the bright aisles of Central Market and subsequently spent the day in the kitchen. OJ and I did make some dinner preparations (pork + slow cooker=pork tacos) but we spent the better part of the day preparing the Tottering Hall bar for winter cocktails.So what did we make? Juices and syrups that can be used in many different, delicious ways.

  • Grapefruit juice: for a brown derby (honey and bourbon) or a paloma (with tequila).
  • Blood orange juice: for (weekend) mornings, with champagne or with vodka for a bloody mary with a twist.
  • Ginger syrup: countless pairings with bourbon or as a bright sparkling punch, made with gin and cranberry.
  • Cranberry syrup: so many holiday pairings–so many.

HOW CAN YOU GO WRONG with citrus, syrups, and booze? And the cutest damn sous chef (and his assistant, TIGERRR), I might add.

For more on the Tottering Hall catalogue of cocktails, find our “Temperance League” board on Pinterest. Naturally, you will find our collection is heavy on bourbon and champagne. Lord knows we are going to need some drinks to make it through these next months.


(Boozicilin credit: my favorite Etsy shop, FuzzyandBirch)

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