Bottle Shock: The Story of a Wine Love Triangle

I GAMBLE when it comes to Netflix–I like picking flix that I’ve never heard of before. Sometimes I win, like with Bottle Shock. Sometimes I lose, like with Au Revoir Les Enfantes. Both have a French connection (FCUK!).

Happily, I will not say a word about Au Revoir Les Enfantes.

However, BOTTLE SHOCK is the true story of a blind wine tasting that took place in France in 1976, featuring French and American (California) wines. The panel of French judges picked American wines in both white and red categories. Amazing, phenomenal, historical and ground-breaking. It gave Napa Valley street cred right around the world. Now don’t be pissed–I haven’t ruined the story for you. You would get this basic plot from reading the cover.

However, I encourage you to watch the film because it is delightful. In particular, there is this fantastic tension: American and French wines being presented by a British man, in the year 1976, the bicentennial of America. What a love triangle! Awkwaaard!

There is another love triangle featured in the film, between the vineyard owner’s son, the vineyard’s intern (hot before it was cool) and one of the field hands. Another good reason to watch the film–great, hot, Latin love scene.

And LBNL, be prepared like a Boy Scout. Watching all that wine on screen will make you thirsty, so be sure to have a bottle (or three) at the ready and within reach–à la vôtre!

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