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Brought to you by Google

I’m more in the “leave it” category when it comes to the Rubik’s Cube.

But credit to the DoSeum (yes, second time in one week) for their new traveling exhibit, Beyond Rubik’s Cube, which is pretty darn cool. So cool and so many things to do there will be queues out the wazoo, and lucky us we got to sneak in for a preview with the press today, thanks to Celina!

Why “brought to you by Google”? Well. In part because the traveling exhibit is literally brought to you by Google–mayhaps something to do with the Chrome Cube Lab.

With one eye on the little man I cruised through most but not without notice, the following…


Real brain bender is to explain this to your kid.


Mom’s favourite: the Tate Modern cube.


Baby’s favourite: this goes FAST FAST FAST.


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