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Advent challenge: DAY TWENTY

Tonight, I was hell-bent (always a good thing to be at Christmas) that Mr. “I Already Put on My Pajama Pants” was NOT going to thwart our post-dinner, after dark, and definitely during bedtime, outing.

So we left him and the fire in the fireplace at home to visit the live nativity at the church down the street where I go to MOPS and where OJ went to summer camp.

Lucky for us, we ran into our neighbors too. They are now off to do the Christmas lights drive I wanted to do last night and based on their reconnaissance, maybe venture out for another post-dinner, after dark, and definitely during bedtime, outing (but definitely not tonight).


Advent challenge: DAY NINETEEN

The theme of Monday: it’s cold, and we don’t have the clothes for it. Or the patience. Dry skin and static electricity? I say, screw you.

So Monday morning, I had a brilliant idea to plan my day around not getting out of the car–drive-thru Starbucks, mobile library book drop, HEB curbside pickup, online shopping for winter parkas.

All of these worked except the HEB curbside pickup, which was a big bust. First, the three stores in here that offer this service are hella far away. Second, if you order by 9:00am, you can’t pick up until 4:00pm at the earliest. Lastly, OJ’s yogurt is not available for online purchase. DEAL. BREAKER.

So OJ and I returned our library books, got drive-thru Starbucks and then sucked it up and scurried into our local HEB. There were no kids at any playgrounds yesterday, and they were all at HEB. Bless Christmas break. After we finished getting our groceries, it was straight back home for the rest of the day.

When Dad came home, he vetoed getting back in the car for our Christmas Lights drive, but instead offered to make a real life fire in our fireplace. I’ll take it.

OJ helped Dad make the fire. Then tried to blow out the fire. Then wanted “wine for fire”. Put that kid to bed.

As a side note, T and I finished decorating the gingerbread house on Sunday night. To be fair, T has impeccable crafting skills and is very handy for these types of projects, but, can you tell which details he added?


Advent challenge: DAY EIGHTEEN

Yeah, right. Temps went from 75 to 32 overnight. Yesterday we were outside raking leaves in t-shirts, today we all have insufficient cold weather gear.

And apparently here in Texas, when you have cabin fever the thing to do is go to Bass Pro Shops.

Of course the activities are flexible. After Bass Pro Shops, we went to Lowes to browse kitchen sinks and faucets and there was nary “a winter flower”. Instead we found these rosemary holiday trees.

Done and dusted.


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