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Yesterday was a grey and gloomy day–yes, even here in Texas. The season it is a changin’.

I was comforted by the bright aisles of Central Market and subsequently spent the day in the kitchen. OJ and I did make some dinner preparations (pork + slow cooker=pork tacos) but we spent the better part of the day preparing the Tottering Hall bar for winter cocktails.So what did we make? Juices and syrups that can be used in many different, delicious ways.

  • Grapefruit juice: for a brown derby (honey and bourbon) or a paloma (with tequila).
  • Blood orange juice: for (weekend) mornings, with champagne or with vodka for a bloody mary with a twist.
  • Ginger syrup: countless pairings with bourbon or as a bright sparkling punch, made with gin and cranberry.
  • Cranberry syrup: so many holiday pairings–so many.

HOW CAN YOU GO WRONG with citrus, syrups, and booze? And the cutest damn sous chef (and his assistant, TIGERRR), I might add.

For more on the Tottering Hall catalogue of cocktails, find our “Temperance League” board on Pinterest. Naturally, you will find our collection is heavy on bourbon and champagne. Lord knows we are going to need some drinks to make it through these next months.


(Boozicilin credit: my favorite Etsy shop, FuzzyandBirch)


Frozen Rosé=Frosé

Without a minute to spare in the remaining days of summer, I caught the frosé train.

Frosé? Yes. The hip kids “it” trend of summer 2016. I know because Vogue tells me so: The Summer of F’rosé? Why It’s All About the Wine Slushie.

So for this week’s meeting of the Robinhood Place Young Mothers Club (aka happy hour), we enjoyed the Mango Peach Frosé from Brit and Co (a website new to me, and I think I kind of like it).


Yes, that is a baby’s head in the boba wrap. Happy hour does not stop for babies or toddlers.

And yes I am calling it YOUNG mothers club because our kids are young and by association I am keeping myself young hanging around Catherine who WAS BORN IN 1989 PEOPLE. #Shattered

Rosé also reminds me of my young(er) days, living in London, when all the pubs are pushing it hard in the summer, and because the sun doesn’t go down until after 9:00pm, it’s just so easy to drink glass after glass, bottle after bottle…

After my last dessert debacle, I took the Mango Peach Frosé recipe for a trial run on Tuesday. I am happy to report that today’s installment was well-served by the adjustments made after the initial trial. For example, a deep rosé is better than the lighter counterparts for deeper flavor so I increased the amount proscribed. How can you go wrong?

For my next iteration (probably tomorrow), I will try this version: Rosé Slush from inVine, which has some additional wine slushy recipes as well.

Stay thirsty, my friends.


Daddy’s little helper

It’s our FIRST BATCH of the Magic Manhattan barrel in TEXAS! We went shopping on Boxing Day and happened to find ourselves in Total Wine, where they have a new loyalty points program–something people like us do not need and they will probably regret letting us enroll. So $300 later we are stocked and ready to make our first barrel. It may have been a while since we made it last (read: before OJ was born) but the recipe was just as fresh in T’s mind as the day we met in my mind (six years ago today, 12/28/09). When we lived in DC, Papa John and T would make it together but now OJ is daddy’s little helper…





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