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Progress report: 36 weeks

We’ve been busy bees the past 4 weeks and finally have something to show for it!

photo 6

One pregnant lady


A (British) crib that fits just right

Don’t be alarmed–the crib surrounds (there is no “nursery” at Tottering Hall) will be pinterest worthy shortly–we only just got the crib last night!

photo 1
A changing table that we will call our “dressing” table, like you dress a PO BOY

photo 2

The most handsome stroller

photo (5)

And a travel cot, thanks to the baby’s favourite (apparently) aunties

What else is left to prepare? Decor in the room, getting a crib mattress, sheets and necessary crib mattress pad, nursing nonsense for the mommy, purchasing loads and loads of diapers (get it?), and finishing the hospital go bag. And a name. Just a name. No big deal.

And wait for the baby and the baby batch of magic manhattans to distill.

 photo (4)


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