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Are you IN?

I only have a few blog followers and even fewer facebook friends, but if you don’t follow me on Twitter then I say to you, WHY NOT. 

And if you are not on Twitter then I say to you, how can you stand to just sit and watch these political conventions. That is such a one-sided experience! Imagine if you could interact beyond just SCREAMING AT THE TELEVISION. Sign up for Twitter–it’s theraputic, and then follow me. 

Its so much better

When everyone is in

Are you in?

Its so much better

When everyone is in

Are you in?

Ginger Music

News, Music and Reflections

Stop me if you have heard this one before–but have you heard about theSkimm? Momma Tullo told me about it in May and all alone now, trapped in Texas, it reminds me of the world’s distorted reality. It’s been around for a while so I guess I’ve been under a rock but theSkimm is “the daily newsletter you will want to open”. Even when we were still in DC, I will be honest–keeping up on the latest with Iranian nuclear negotiations and the Greek financial debt crisis did NOT beat out sleeping, eating, or surviving having an infant (although me thinks some of my (undisclosed employer) DEV colleagues used this as primary source material–work smarter, not harder). Sign up for theSkimm and get an email every weekday with fresh eyes on the top line news. Then unsubscribe if you don’t like.

My other “new” find is Spotify. Really, M? Yes. It’s been around for YEARS and I’ve only just climbed on board but excuse me and screw you Apple I am not going to pay you for a song so I can listen to music. And sorry Jay-Z. I think you’re a billionaire too and I know I’m not–all the music I can stand for 99 cents for 3 months (rather than one song) is worth my pennies. I’m working on building out our wedding playlist on Spotify (if only I could find that damn piece of paper!) because Grooveshark (our other streaming music service) shut down without notice in April. I’m also working on building out some workout playlists because I am working on that too.

And when words collide, theSkimm is on Spotify. Check out their public playlists here, one of which you will notice is called “The Supremes”. That’s what they call SCOTUS in their news breakdowns and after Friday, you can see why the Supremes have been getting top billing in the most recent skimmies.

But the Supremes are on my mind for another reason.

My godmother said, how great the blog is back! It’s back, but I wonder whether I can still write the way I did when I first started. This lady was still in “girl” stage and now after meeting and marrying man, having a baby, and moving to TEXAS, and we are full speed ahead with the next 30 years of our life raising kids, I’m back at the MAC writing some blog posts.

Reflecting on how my life used to be–not only am I officially NOT in the know (see above reporting on theSkimm and Spotify), I’m not writing about a manic BoltBus weekend trip to NYC for Halloween or European adventures or God what a shame meeting Sam Kaas at the White House. That’s not my life or our life now–now it’s the adventures of OJ and M. And T on the weekends. Like, our next post might just be about Baby and Me Swim Class and how this abuela gives me the inquisition regarding how many times we feed him a day because OJ has chubby cheeks. It’s our life now and I am learning to own it.

Note: in this post all about Spotify I had to use youTube clips because I don’t have super pimp WordPress otherwise I think I could embed the music clips… 


Update 7/1: The New York Times breaks down how the various music streaming services match up here

Ginger Music

"Oh anyway, it’s looking like a beautiful day"

ELBOW, 930 Club, Washington DC, August 4, 2009)

1st spiritual experience, summer 2009: taping of Homecoming with Alonzo Mourning.

2nd spiritual experience, summer 2009: the ELBOW concert at the 930 CLUB.

ELBOW is a band from Manchester, UK that got together legitimately 20 years ago, however, I am only hip to their groove in the past four months (largely to do with their latest album, “The Seldom Seen Kid” which was awarded the Mercury Music Prize in September 2008). Nonetheless, I was STOKED when I found out they were coming to DC this summer.

THE 930 CLUB is a great venue–intimate and intense, and the tall boys that I was standing behind were so kind and polite to let me stand in front of them (read: against the railing in the balcony, GREAT VIEW!).

ELBOW was touring here in America opening for Coldplay in every other city except for DC where they played their own show. However, the USA bit is now over and they are back to the UK to play V at the end of the month and then their hometown, Manchester, in September (“it’s luvly”, they said at the show, “you should come visit”).

If you want to feel the ELBOW fire (it won’t be first hand like the concert) you can check out some of their songs on YouTube. The collection is a mix of music videos, live clips from Glastonbury 2008, and a mean re-mix with the BBC Orchestra (MJ, you will love, “Weather to Fly”).

Grounds for Divorce
Featured in…
-the trailer for the Coen Brothers’ film “Burn After Reading” starring Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and John Malkovich
-the trailer song for the twelfth series of “Top Gear” (consult BBC America)

One Day Like This
Featured in…
-ITV and BBC adverts for Beijing 2008
-the trailer for “The Soloist”
-the final of Big Brother 9 (UK version, which has cult following)
-aand the title of this blog posting

Weather to Fly


Like I said, I am a new kid (not the seldom seen kid!) to their music so my summary is incredibly short-sighted and hardly historical. The band is bad-ass and I am totally short-selling them. Fun trivia: they played Cuba in 2004. Who does that?!


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