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Life at the Hall

My swimming butterfly

Like it or not, summer is HERE–OJ’s last day of preschool is THURSDAY and perhaps the only thing we have done to prepare is two sessions of swim lessons at Good Swim.

Each session is two weeks long and class is held every weekday for 30 minutes. Wednesday is “Superpowers” day when the kids get to wear swim fins and Friday is “Fun Friday” when the adults get to swim too and maybe have an adult beverage.

In the beginning, it was not pretty. There was a lot of crying and anxiety but by the second session he was a different kid in the pool–cool, calm, collected and ready to go. However the one constant is that every night without fail he was an exhausted hot mess.

Back in our first week after three days of wailing, we made a deal that I would only take videos if he did not cry; if he started to cry then no videos. This turned out to be a very powerful motivator for him and a helluva lot of space on my phone.

However, he now enjoys swimming so much that he wants to swim at every chance, he pretends to practice in the bathtub, and he has started doing his “jump and swim” on our bed (as if he is jumping in from the edge of the pool and swimming underwater).

Since we finished our last day of class this past Friday, OJ has asked at least three times, “why we not go to Ms. Diana’s pool anymore?” I think he is HOOKED.

He has become a much better and more confident swimmer in these four weeks of class so I am sharing a few of his videos to show his progress–without further adieu…













Life at the Hall

Can’t afford to fix everything, at this rate

Lord. My child would not pray before dinner tonight because he wanted “THE CARDS!”.

Let me go back.

I’ve been on a, “if you can’t fix it, buy something” tear the last few months, especially with regard to OJ’s eating and dining habits here at Tottering Hall.

For example, I went on a treasure hunt visiting at least four different Targets here looking for specific “Big Kid” plates, cups, bowls and utensils in dark blue and lime green to replace our multi-colored set from IKEA. It was like a GAME to find just the ones I wanted. So we have all new serveware for our THREE year old. For the record, I also got a bunch of glasses (that I love!) which have been discontinued to make room for the new home decor brands at Target. #WINNING

But at least I was on a quest in that case–finding and buying something (anything!) on Amazon is just too easy. About five minutes after reading about these “sandwich cutters” called FunBites on an occupational therapist’s blog (you may have seen these on Shark Tank), click click boom I added to my cart and purchased. Which brings me to the cards. In an effort to make a more enjoyable dining experience for EVERYONE, and hopefully encourage a happier and “more successful” eating experience, I was googling best practices for teaching table manners to a preschooler. Which sounds INSANE. However, aside from napkin this, elbows that, what stood out to me was “participating in polite conversation”. Until that point, it looked the same each night: OJ won’t talk about school when we ask, T wants/needs to talk about work trials and travails, then OJ would do something to get attention because he’s not included in a work conversation, and then we would get to the part where we cajole him to eat what’s on his plate and he refuses, pouts, gets angry. Awesome.

In an effort to steer the conversation towards something engaging to everyone at the table, click click boom KIDS TABLE TOPICS ON THE GO.

Overheard at our dining room table tonight…

Q: If you could design your own swimming pool what would it look like?


T: A circle, that goes around the house, like a MOAT. Heated! Saltwater. With ALLIGATORS! 

Hysterical laughing ensues.

There are only 40 cards in the deck so we may be having the same conversation time and again, but at least it’s polite.


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