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Happy engagement anniversary, love!

Things are feverish at work getting ready to go to Kansas City, MO for our annual conference, and the worst part is that I need to pack before I leave tomorrow.

This time last year, I was just getting home from our annual conference which was in San Diego. The loyal followers know what happened when T picked me up from the airport….

So tonight we are celebrating our engagement anniversary by going to see Flogging Molly at The Fillmore in Silver Spring, a band we saw our first February together.

When I woke up this morning, what should be in my inbox but the images from our engagement photo shoot that we did in New Orleans over the holiday. How apropos!

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Our last anniversary before we get a new anniversary

THREE YEARS AGO I met my boo.

Links to past coverage of 12.28….
2009: I did not blog for 8 months after meeting him basically, until this one in August 2010 when I wrote, “he is my news” in He loves me, he loves me not
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TO CELEBRATE in 2012, we are here in Louisiana. We were going to get our engagement photos done today (appropriate for anniversary day) but it was t-storms all afternoon so our photographer cancelled. She suggested another photographer to us, who we will meet tomorrow afternoon when the forecast is fifty and sunny. 

SO TODAY we spent the day together. Peggy was having her lady friends over so Ed disappeared a good well hour before they were due to show up to go see a noontime movie. T and I left after greeting some of the ladies and he drove me around like Driving Miss Daisy all afternoon running errands.

FIRST we had po-boys for lunch at Bears (the place for po-boys on the North Shore), then we went to Mandeville Party Shop (T dubbed “Mandeville wedding shop”) and the overpriced shoe store quickly followed by a trip to the shoe department at TJMAXX (I got awesome gold shoes for engagement photos tomorrow from there for 30 bones–can’t beat it with a stick!), and then to the post office to send stuff home to ourselves because it won’t all make it in our suitcase. Last stop was to find a place to make a hair and makeup appointment for tomorrow for pictures. I might have played Miss Daisy this afternoon but I have this sick feeling that I am going to leave this shop tomorrow looking like Miss Daisy–I think their clientele is a bunch of blue hairs.

Peggy and Ed went out for movie date night with T’s uncle and aunt so we stayed home. I went and got my nails did and then we had salad for dinner with jambalaya and boudin and Abita Restoration Ale. Yes, love, we in Louisiana.

A bit about my nails: as a special treat for today and tomorrow I got my nails did and I opted for a shellac gel manicure (my first!). It’s amazing–it’s dry immediately and lasts for a long time and holy cow it’s only $30. Yes, we in Louisiana. Hot dang! I picked the dark red color and the lady (who spoke like no English) read my mind and pulled out the sparkly glitter. Hot dang again!

Tonight’s pseudo dilemma: what to wear tomorrow?


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