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On Netflix, if I am not watching some Brit-style drama, then I am watching old television series that I never caught the first time around. SO, after watching the series KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL on HULU (it’s hot), and seeing John Francis Daley in another role besides Sweets on Bones, I decided to further investigate his filmography. When I saw that he acted was in FREAKS AND GEEKS (when he was all of 14 years old) and a show that my flatmate Laura Soccer Mom New Last Name talked about quite a bit in London, I threw it into the queue. I warmly invite anyone to mine to watch because I fall off the couch laughing out loud, it tickles my funny bone THAT much.

Other notables who went on to critical acclaim after FREAKS AND GEEKS include James Franco, Seth Rogen (when he was actually 18), and Jason Segel. And Judd Apatow.


Dark British Drama HAS MUCH IN COMMON with Pop Cable-Culture Obsession

So on NETFLIX at the moment, I have yet another dark British drama. Oh my. I know.

But it caused an, “Oh, SNAAAP!” moment….

The made-for-television saga of “The Mayor of Casterbridge” based on the novel by Thomas Hardy (ITV, 2001) is actually the previous lifetime of the super-hit series, “ROME” (BBC/HBO, 2005-2007). Now, I watched it last night but it took me until Faccia Luna pizza lunch special today to pit it all together and realize that THREE of the actors in The Mayor of Casterbridge are ALL PART of the ROME cast!! “Oh, SNAAAP!” So here’s the all-star cast lineup:

Ciarán Hinds
The Mayor of Casterbridge: Michael Henchard
ROME: Gaius Julius Caesar

James Purefoy
The Mayor of Casterbridge: Donald Farfrae
ROME: Mark Antony

Polly Walker
The Mayor of Casterbridge: Lucetta Templeman
ROME:Atia of the Julii



I entitle this section NETFLIXOBIA because I am afraid to really tell people what I really watch. =O

Apparently I have a BBC period piece habit. But isn’t that was the BBC is notorious for? Just call me M Masterpiece Theatre G.

The Buccaneers
BBC Production based on the novel by Edith Wharton, with Mira Sorvino

Love in a Cold Climate
BBC Production based on the novel by Nancy Mitford (see “The Leaning Bookshelf”)

Berkeley Square
BBC Production

You see, I have good reason to be afraid to really tell people what I really watch!

My other habits, besides this BBC / period piece habit, include movies set in London and foreign titles…

Happy Go Lucky
Poppy (Sally Hawkins, in a Golden Globe-winning role) is a perpetually cheerful 30-year-old London teacher. When her beloved bike is stolen, she decides to take up driving, and is paired with Scott (Eddie Marsan), an instructor who’s her polar opposite. Their relationship is strained until Poppy’s bright personality attracts a co-worker, making Scott unexpectedly jealous. Alexis Zegerman and Karina Fernandez co-star in Mike Leigh‘s effervescent comedy (nominated for a Best Picture Golden Globe).
Brick Lane
Set in the 1980s, this cross-cultural drama follows young Nazneem (Tannishtha Chatterjee), a Bangladeshi woman who’s immigrated to London for an arranged marriage to a middle-aged man, leaving her beloved family, including her sister Hasina, behind. While Hasina leads a life of adventure back home, Nazneem struggles to accept the isolation and unhappiness in her new life, until an unexpected visitor comes along and changes everything.

El-Alamein / La Battaglia di El Alamein
Enzo Monteleone directs this realistic World War II drama, revealing the horrors and hopelessness of battle. Leading a group of Italian soldiers fighting in Egypt, Lieutenant Fiore (Emilio Solfrizzi) rallies his troops (including Paolo Briguglia and Pierfrancesco Favino) to fend off circling Allied forces. But when the lines of communication jam and Fiore can’t understand his orders from base command, the squad’s mission is clouded with doubt.

The Apartment / L’Appartement
A chance sighting of his ex-girlfriend, Lisa (MJ Bellucci), sends Max (Vincent Cassel) into a tailspin, as he ditches travel plans and his fiancée to get closer to her. But when he busts into her apartment, he gets dangerously entwined with A (Romane Bohringer), a woman who looks like Lisa. Meanwhile, a wealthy and shady lover trails Lisa. Jean-Philippe Écoffey co-stars in writer-director Gilles Mimouni‘s romantic mystery


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