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Like Father, Like Daughter

Introducing my latest side project, in support of my father’s OBSESSION (Colgate basketball):

I would never consider myself a social media marketing maven, but certain campaigns on facebook, twitter, blogging are so impactful on me that I know it can really work. However, it works based on the user–I am plugged in all day at desk but if your audience is not savvy on facebook or twitter or interested in navigating to your website on a regular basis to check for updates, then it’s not so successful.

I am not very familiar with the hardwood club audience or membership (yes, likely mostly male, but beyond that….) but I have to imagine that having a website (in this case, blog) is more effective than a PDF attached to an email. So we will see where this goes, it’s like a small experiment (I haven’t really fully considered the limitations or potential issues), this is my contribution to the Raider Hardwood Club this year and to my father’s most passionate extra-curricular activity (perhaps the real motive).

Stay tuned for photo uploads from Cameron Indoor Stadium this weekend, when Colgate takes on Duke this Friday (11/17) at 8pm. I am driving with my dad down to Durham on Friday. For better or for worse, like father, like daughter.


Thursday Night Plans, continued

If I went to the filming on a Thursday night two weeks ago, the show “Homecoming with Alonzo Mourning” airs THIS Thursday, August 6, at 7pm on ESPN.

People, Thursday is the new Friday and I’ve already got my date lined up with ZO.


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