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The Bridge Ladies

The Bridge Ladies

The Bridge Ladies

There have always been bridge ladies.

My mother has several friend groups, like the bridge ladies and the book club ladies and the Missionhurst ladies and the ladies from “the shop” (“the shop” being Carla’s, of course), but there have always been bridge ladies. The faces might change, but the principle is the same.

When I was younger, the bridge ladies were the mothers of my sister’s generation–so when I was 8 and 10, their kids were out of college. They were old and they smoked.

Then she got involved in a card game at the country club. At the age when I was at the pool for swimming and diving, they would play poolside. Some wanted to sit in the shade, others would only play if they could sun themselves. They all had young kids.

Now, THEIR kids are out of college and they play Thursday evenings in the Ladies Lounge.


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