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The Stars at Night

The Stars at Night

My mini cupcake

I am in no rush for this sweetness to grow up. But grow up they do, regardless of the mommies. 

So with some sweet and some bitter, he starts a two-day-a-week Mother’s Day Out program after Labor Day. 

Meanwhile, today was the first day of school here in Alamo Heights. Hence, the cupcakes. Celebrating. With the older kids. Like the ones who started KINDER today. 

I still have two more weeks to get my game face on and my act together. He’s clearly got this all LICKED. 

The Stars at Night


Julian Gold fashion show draws fancy set to McNay Art Museum

What happens when you put on your pretty clothes and high heels on a rainy Wednesday night? You might get delicious rose champagne (no frose here), a fashion show, and your picture in the newspaper. And then some “after hours” fun too. 

I had a great time last night with Leslie and Lynn at the McNay. It was my FIRST fashion show and my first fundraising event in Texas. Lessons learned: my hair isn’t big enough, Georgia O’Keefe was a lesbian (last person on the planet to not know that?) and it’s really fun to be at the event rather than working the event. Perhaps TOO MUCH fun?  

The Stars at Night

Do you know where your children are?

It’s 9:00pm in Texas, which makes it 10:00pm on the East Coast, and the rest of the question is, “Do you know where your children are?” 

Tonight you will find me on our back deck, enjoying a book and the light summer breeze under a canopy of lights, all set to the soundtrack of the Alamo Heights High School marching band practice. 


Deep in the heart of Texas


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