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The Urban Flaneur

The Urban Flaneur

The Urban Flaneur

My father was appalled the day I told him that my dream job is to blog about our cities, the urban experience and the politics that make it all happen. He was appalled.

And maybe he is right.

But otherwise, there is no reason I should not swing for the fences on this one.

I might not have a journalism degree, but I enjoy writing and apparently some people enjoy reading that same text. And who says that a journalism degree or experience makes you any more qualified to blog?

And while I might have this academic experience from the LSE about cities and spaces, which is just enough to make me dangerous, I also learned about the flaneur. The flaneur is the person who walks to the city in order to experience it. The model of the flaneur teaches us that our cities are meant to be experienced and that there is no qualified or unqualified person to write on his or her experiences in the places that he or she embodies. A flaneur is uniquely urban. He is experiencing and observing the city but he is aloof, and withdrawn, almost analyzing the spaces and people in an objective way. Therefore, “the urban flaneur”, the place where I share my experiences about the city, is redundant because flanerie is in fact exclusively urban.


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