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84 hours in Oregon

The whirlwind tour by Lord and Lady (first sans Master) of Oregon comes to an end this evening.

We are flying home from Portland tonight and home in here by 10:00am tomorrow morning, when I can kiss and squeeze my sweet baby, whom I have missed dearly.

SUNDAY we played hard in Portland.

SATURDAY was wedding day on the Oregon coast, along with the clouds.

FRIDAY we worked hard.

Before we left home: “You’re going to Oregon, and without me? I’m wearing my tiger gear and this sad, sad face in PROTEST.”

Don’t worry baby, we have enjoyed ourselves but Mommy and Daddy can’t wait to get back to you.


#TBT 2011: “pre-nuptial sibling litmus test”


Five years ago, T took me on a great grand tour to meet all of his siblings. I would come to later find out this was some kind of “pre-nuptial sibling litmus test”. The #TBT blogs here–click through to read the posts in entirety. 

July 26, 2011: Great Grand Tour by Lord & Lady of Tottering Hall

Eat Your Heart Out Duke & Duchess of Cambridge.

While Kate and Wills made a tour of California, really, it was a second thought–the purpose of coming to North America was to appease the commonwealth country that is America’s hat. Now, T and I will have our own great grand tour, which starts in California…

September 6, 2011: Today’s Gossip is Tomorrow’s News

GAWKER images from the Great Grand Tour…


As you can read and see, I’ve been anti-Duck for a long time now, which brings me to Oregon.

Tomorrow we are taking a different kind of big trip–our first trip WITHOUT OJ since our sweet baby boy was born. We are traveling to Oregon for Walt’s second wedding beachside ceremony party and hopefully before and after enjoying all the wine the Willamette Valley has to offer. Gratias tibi ago in advance to the MIL and the mamere for making this trip sans child possible. Here we come.




Do you want to know about out weekend in Denver celebrating STT’s 40th birthday? Skip over to twitter (you know it’s my jam) and follow #tisherselfturns40. Signature filter of the weekend: FAME. Cause I’m gonna live forever…