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It was the summer of 2006. I was finishing my time in London at LSE, but way busier with the World Cup, Wimbledon, goodbyes, and any reason to party. And I had the cutest damn nose ring.

But one of the best things I did in those last few days in London that summer, was visit Chartwell, the country home of Winston and Clementine Churchill. I went by myself (a good start). It is a train journey which required a steep cab to the property and a long country walk to the house. I remember I got a button at the entrance that says “History Matters” (which came in handy for an interview with a firm later) and I still have it. But above all else, I still have the memories (“mostly the ones I can’t forget”) of my visit. It was a beautiful day and I found some peace for myself there.


Fast-forward to this week. The latest PBS Masterpiece is called, “Churchill’s Secret” about his summer of 1953 (not ’69), most of which was spent at Chartwell in recovery. I think I was spoiled for remembering salient details about history and his life because I knew the Bermuda Conference did not take place that summer and he did not die until 1965 so he was not about to die just then. Loving both Churchill and his Chartwell, I really enjoyed this “tv movie” and the performances of  Michael Gambon (Dumbledore v 2.0) as WLSC and Lindsay Duncan (to me Angela of MI-5) as Clementine.

Kudos to Pam Dam for the advance notice–as she knew I would just love, love, love the show as it features some of my favorites places and historical figures. I hope you enjoy it too. 

p.s. Shortly after my visit to Chartwell, I was jet-lagged and back in Virginia. I wrote an email to my nearest and dearests (this was 2006 aka before my blog) and called it “Home from Home”. I’ve unearthed it and share it here. #tbt



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