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Firmly on the Precipice of New

Once I worked with someone who was really into “back to school, back to basics” as a way to set a work refresh after Labor Day when the kids went back to school.

My kids aren’t back to school yet, and we have been in transition for basically a year now and the clock is still ticking, so it’s premature to make great proclamations or cast grand aspersions. Call this my rough draft.

Starting a New School Year at a New School

I don’t have new school clothes for the kids (much less having unpacked from our trip). I don’t like the backpacks I purchased. I don’t have a nanny, or an au pair (East Coast for “nanny”). I don’t have the super rad longtail bike that I want, which my mother thinks is unsafe and my husband doubts my ability to ride.

And yet, come Monday, they start school. What are you going to do about, Mom? Word to the wise–don’t hold your breath.

Wrapping up the Past

The Last Year

Our school for the past year has been nothing short of wonderful.

In a parting appreciation letter, I wrote I would send him there through 12th grade, if I could. However, it can’t be our forever school because it’s a preschool and the youngest class is for 2.5 years old, which means Little Miss could not go there for another year, and it’s in Arlington, which is a non-starter because hypothetically we are moving into the condo before Christmas (and with any luck before Halloween).

Our Time in Texas

Master O and I went back to Texas for a long weekend this past weekend. It made my head swirl and spin.

I don’t have the ending worked out in my head, but the weekend gave me the closing chapters. A year has given me space (despite continuing to be in transition here) to be able to respect my feelings and thoughts about living there. But it also broke my heart–I love my friends there.

Marie Kondo on Life

When we move into the condo, we will wish that we had a POD SALE–instead of moving all of our furniture and belongings into the condo, that we sold them all. Kind of schizophrenic but if we have lived this past year without it, and we can’t remember what is in it, do we need it? Besides, we need a fresh start in this new space.

In all of this searching and wandering, I feel I am getting old.

What I may have “made the best of it” in a previous year, I now can’t let myself entertain what does not work for our narrow parameters. While I joined the DC Moms Blog in January, I’ve resigned this month. While the condo board has many seats available, there’s no chance I can waste time or energy with that. I don’t need to start new hobbies or activities–I don’t have it in me any longer. New endings to make space for new starts.

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