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Game plan: next eight weeks

Indeed, the past few weeks have flown by.

This happened when I was pregnant with OJ–it’s almost like being pregnant diverts all of your energy (mental, spiritual, physical) elsewhere and while I am too busy listing and nesting (and listing and nesting), I forget to write blog posts (or something).

Pregnant or not, it’s easy for April to fly by in here where Easter and Fiesta hardly allow a change in door wreath. And then I was happily wrapped into Listen to Your Mother again this year.

But now I am finding myself staring at the calendar in disbelief that I am 32 weeks pregnant and OJ is out of school for the summer. I believe these are going to be THE LONGEST EIGHT WEEKS of my life.

During my most recent trip to IKEA (to pick up the cabinet doors that we neglected to remember to collect on our previous trip to IKEA), I picked up the DUKTIG play kitchen for OJ.

It’s been on the “back burner” for a while now but since his imaginary play skills have really picked up, and he has his very own apron from Momma Muppet, and we’ve got nothing but a lot of time on our hands together coming up, I thought this might be the time to bring it home.

Last weekend, T and OJ put it together. OJ had a choice to make peanut butter cookies (for real) or put together a new toy. He chose new toy.

Now, if only he could make dinner in his kitchen.

I showed T the “hacks” for the IKEA Duktig kitchen (see here) to which he said, “these people have too much time on their hands.” If I can muster the energy and creativity, these are the two I like most to replicate:

Also in the name of we’ve got nothing but a lot of time on our hands together coming up, we got a Crayola easel at the “baby and toys store” so that he can PAINT!, because that is one of his FAVORITE activities at school.

But for this weekend, we are focused on the LONG MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND together with dad and doing festive fun things.



And blue and red jello–two hands

And until 40 weeks, as many cuddles and snuggles as possible.


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