Gracious ladies: more than a shop in Wimberley

Here’s a secret about me: I THINK SURPRISES ARE FUN. 

I just didn’t expect to be surprised.

The last time I was so caught off guard was our engagement. The most recent surprise? This past Saturday. 

OJ and I had been to a NON-SHOWER PLAYDATE already that morning, and I thought I was just dropping by to see two friends, L&C, for a little bit before heading home.


[CAR!] Since we moved here, I have been involved with my local MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group and Tall M has been a big part of why I enjoy it so much. Tall M is “retiring” from MOPS but not before hosting a playdate for me and another mom who has been in the same small group for the last two years and due within the same week (and also having a baby girl). Tall M is a Queen Crafter who doesn’t seem to mind small children pulling out every toy from every corner–a perfect playdate host.  

[OKAY GAME ON] They plotted, planned and SURPRISED. It took me a moment to process. How cool L&C put these different women from my life all together.

I texted T: “IT WAS A SURPRISE SHOWER!” Even he didn’t know. As L&C said, “we didn’t even need him.”

So a sweet little gathering with FRESH, HOT BEIGNETS and some gifts of sweet little girl clothes–shopping for little girls clothes is FUN and I am happy to give anyone the opportunity.

The smartest gift: a “BIG BROTHER” little doll for OJ. He hasn’t left it aside or slept one wink without it. And I LOVE that J (who may well share a birthday with Little Miss) came dressed in pink for the party.

L&C, and one happy proud pregnant lucky momma.

Photo credits: #1 shopper at Gracious Ladies in Wimberley, and L’s oldest daughter 

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