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Many rivers to cross

This is how he came into our life: T got sweet puppy Rex on a Sunday night. I flew home with OJ by myself on a Monday. We went to the pediatrician on Tuesday to have a really rough well-baby checkup. “Ruff” start to a puppy.

And this is how he became a refugee (SO HOT right now): We went to the pediatrician last Friday. Another rough one. Today, one week later, Rex is not sleeping with us but on his way to a new home. And tonight, T and OJ are flying to New Orleans.

We had Rex for exactly and only two months, October 18 to December 18. I have cried every day since Tuesday, when we contacted Tammy from Southeast Texas Labrador Retriever Rescue about whether they could help place sweet puppy Rex. She already has two families lined up.

When we met her today and I was getting verklempt, she assured me that he won’t miss us one bit. His personality (fierce energy, mouthing, a bit of working dog) is such that he is not attached to his handlers. That made me feel great.

Here is the saddest irony: we realized we had too much on our plate with a puppy and a baby and decided we needed to find a new home for Rex. But what is one of the few words OJ says consistently? REX.



IMG_1659 2


My sweet baby boy is going to be a bit lost without his sweet puppy Rex.


And I suspect that Rex WILL miss his sweet baby OJ.


So maybe the trip away for the weekend is a good distraction for him and he won’t remember in three days time. Selfishly I know we will.


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