Missing: one from the flock

You know that sticker about a village missing its’ idiot? Well I feel like a missing Catholic from the flock in Texas.

First of all, it is basically impossible to live up to Holy Trinity–regardless of where we live.

When I was in London I still had the Jesuits but it was a long haul on the tube every Sunday to get to Mayfair and the Farm Street Church.


You may remember we visited the Jesuits in Toronto when we were there on our one year wedding anniversary. Those were real Jesuits doing the real work serving the poor.

Version 2

So I have been church shopping since we got here. While I have not yet visited here’s Jesuit parish, my impression is they are also busy doing the real work of the Jesuits serving the poor–so busy they can’t put up a website. Even in shopping for a day school for OJ means shopping at all the other big name brands too and I’ve considered switching teams (not really, but some days it seems it would be easier). Some parishes commit Cardinal Sins in my book and I cross them off straight away–for example, projecting music lyrics on a wall like we are in high school and in someone’s basement for Young Life. And the ones that don’t lack originality or inspiration. For example in the music, I have been to three different churches and each of them have used the same four standards–Table of Plenty, Servant Song, Bread of Life and Lead Me Lord. At least this week’s presider was concise (other cardinal sins: rambling without end) but it’s like he pulled from the book of convenient anecdotes and stories (better than bishop’s doctrine, I suppose). Lame.

But the hardest part? Not having my singing partner Kelly with me to just BUST OUT singing and dancing during the recessional song like the joyful hymn it is meant to be. So I sing off-key, alone, but loudly.

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