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My $7 habit

Syracuse has a spike problem, or so I read in the New York Times this past weekend in an article, Spike Nation. I’ll bet we are some of the only NYT subscribers in here.

I have a habit too. That comes from Mexico. Our neighbor Becky introduced me to it. It usually starts with a friend.

It’s called Topo Chico. It costs $7 for a case of 12 glass bottles. As one writer from the Dallas Observer wrote, “As Champagne is to “sparkling wine,” Topo Chico is to “sparkling water.” I can get down with that.

What is it? Topo Chico is SUPER SUPER SUPER carbonated mineral water.


I don’t know if drinking too much mineral water is possible and sometimes I think the SUPER carbonation gives me chest pains but I suppose the habit comes in when I come to the end of the box and I have to have more.

But it’s water people. Just water. You can mix with juices to make like an Italian Soda but apparently one of the best things you can do with Topo Chico is mix it with booze and I can see that absolutely. I made a Bourbon Peach Limeade and we added some Topo Chico to lighten it up but that’s really the only time–otherwise I’m just hitting the straight water.

So come to Texas and I will serve you a glass bottle, chilled–booze optional.


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