Naptime gamble

Since OJ was born, Gina Ford has been my gospel. I am not the “come what may” kind of mom, I’m just not. I need schedules, routines and predictability and Gina makes it all possible. In the beginning it can be pretty suffocating, but as the bebe gets older it gets better (as does most everything).

Lately, however, things have started being UNpredictable. OJ’s afternoon naptime is a GAMBLE. He may sleep, he may have a dance party. Sometimes it’s on the days he goes to school, sometimes it’s on the days he does not. But we are always home for “naptime”.

We have even turned up the volume since January–we added a third day of school, a weekly gymnastics class, and more recently, swimming lessons at the end of the day (woah, way out of the scheduled routine zone, but I am kind of LIKING it!). Nevertheless, he still has days when he does not take a nap. But we are always home for “naptime”.



I realized at about 11:40am (as we were both in our gymnastics clothes) that we totally could make Ash Wednesday mass and decided that instead of getting lunch together and being ready for a nap by 1:00pm, we were going to get ashes. 

Now I don’t want you to think I’m a regular churchgoer as of late as in like since we moved here (much less taking OJ with me), but perhaps because of that, or just having that healthy Catholic guilt, I took both of our asses to mass. 

Throwing new clothes on our bodies and snacks and activities in my MOM BAG, off we went. 

OJ seemed kind of excited that we were going to church! Chapel IS one of his favorite activities at school. 

As we were walking in to church, I explained he needed to be very quiet. He did well for most of mass, but really made the most of the very quiet moments for most of the back of the church to hear (because you know we were hiding out in the back). 

A few gems that elicited quite a response from many older women after mass: 

(I wasn’t singing) “Can you sing, Mom? Can you sing!”

(After getting ashes) “What you got, Mom? What’s THAT?” 

(During Liturgy of Eucharist, after the bells) “DING DING DING! That was ‘da BELLS.”

(On our way to communion) “We going to get more!” 

And as we got closer to the minister, I put him down to walk so I could have my hands, and after reaching over him standing in front of me and getting communion, he was stopped dead in his tracks. In awe. Immovable. 

A good lesson. 

By the time we got home, it was an hour past naptime. There was NO NAP to be had. He did lots of other things like wrangle out of his sleepsack and throw all of the blankets and his beloved tiger OUT of the crib. 

Enough of this–time to go to swimming. As we drove there, I looked back and saw THIS sleeping beauty…

So I really screwed up his nap but he really seemed to love mass, and all the old women seemed to love him. 

He did not love waking up or getting in the water, but just so you know, ashes don’t come off in the pool. 

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