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Some travelers live and die by a B&B. The first time I stayed in one was in Hamilton. I went up when Patrick was a freshman and I sat the LSAT. Needless to say, my memories of that weekend are not my favorite. Becky’s sister, Vivi, owns and operates a B&B in Austin, called The Fairview, if ever you are there but I am telling you people, this business is not for slackers. What business is?

During our trip to Oregon, we stayed at the B&B called A Tuscan Estate in McMinnville. If every B&B offered a French-style, seated, three-course breakfast I might also learn to live and die by them. Yes there are other factors (the room, the hospitality, the location–also pretty damn good in this case), but the food was a highlight and a great start to a hard day of wine tasting.

On the first morning, we were served a quiche made with a crepe crust, truffle oil, and gruyere. You know how I feel about gruyere. After everything was served, the old French chef named Jacques came out and asked us if we all enjoyed our breakfast. He then went on to explain that everyone was served by a single ostrich egg. There were maybe nine of us at breakfast. It was rich, and delicious. And not gluten or dairy free, by any stretch of the imagination, which I sincerely appreciate.

On morning two, more of the same–homemade pastry, fresh squeezed juice, and coffee until you float away. The eggs served were super-instagram worthy.



So now we are home and still dreaming of ostrich eggs.

After OJ and I took mamere to the airport this morning (and saw another MOPS mom dropping off her mother-in-law for her return flight home), I realized that we have ZERO VISITORS on the books here at Tottering Hall.

I wouldn’t call our establishment a “bed and breakfast” (and it is NOT my dream to open one–EVER) or my culinary education French classical like Jacques, but I can offer breakfast tacos… Now accepting reservations.

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