Life at the Hall


WHAT WOULD WE DO if we win the $1B powerball jackpot.

The logo for the multi-state lottery Powerball.

1. Don’t get me wrong–I love our house. They say not to be emotionally invested in your house but I am because this is our first home that we own. But if we win the powerball lottery, we will buy a house…

  • in the Garden District: maybe this gem at 1527 6th Street (but St. Charles Avenue proper could be really tony).
  • in Georgetown: for its proximity to Holy Trinity 3425 Prospect Street NW is appealing but I like the smaller 3030 O Street better.
  • in London: any house, anywhere. Just take me to London.

2. Take care of Honey and our parents.

3. International travel: “where don’t you want to go is the question” he says. Well, okay then.

4. Whatever is leftover goes into low-risk investments.

5. And LBNL, not buy OJ anything. We can’t have a spoiled kid on our hands.

For the record: we have NOT yet bought ANY tickets.

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