Pinch me, please

Pinch me, please, this is too good to be true.

No, not that. But yes, it is salt. “I made a MESS, and I am playing with THE SALT!”


No–pinch me please because HOLY BANANAS BATMAN, (undisclosed employer) announced their new paternity leave policy today, which goes into effect July 1 (BRILLIANT TIMING) and includes 12 weeks of paid paternity leave before we even have to think about using any vacation days. The new leave policy includes 20 weeks for mothers.

Y’all. This is HUGE for us.

I am so excited to have a baby girl this July for so many reasons but I also remember how tough those early days and months were for me with OJ. So I’ll be honest that there has been a very real and nagging thought in the back of my mind about how in the hell am I going to make it through early days and months with a newborn AND a two-year-old, when I have a husband who needs to be at work, no family close by, and in the midst of summer which affords few options for regular structure for two year olds, and the best thing to do is hang at the pool (postpartum? Hell no).

Well my friends, what a difference a day makes.

Now my “biggest problem” is how is OJ going to cope when Dad goes back to work, in OCTOBER, AFTER 12 WEEKS OF PAID PATERNITY LEAVE.

Yes, there is still a newborn in the mix but at least now we are evenly matched up, which makes Mommy feel A MILLION times better. In fact–it’s almost better that his paternity leave will be during the summer when OJ has no place to be–they will get their time together in gold. OJ is going to LOVE all of his Daddy time.

So Mom and OJ are four enthusiastic thumbs up about the new policy. The new baby is probably sucking her thumb (which she can do now at 20 weeks), but she is going to love the “Disney Cruise style” welcome. Now we just need Dad on board.

I know it is hard to get excited (much less care) about someone else’s leave policy when the only leave policy that matters is your own (in case it is not obvious: I am psyched about our new leave policy). That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be informed.

(Aside–did anyone else want to SPIT NAILS after watching Norah O’Donnell’s segment on Kellyanne Conway during this week’s CBS Sunday Morning program?! V-O-M. Lemme just say “Kellyanne” is NOT on our list of names for baby girl).

Here is a word from Richard Reeves, Senior Fellow and Co-Director of the Center on Children and Families (titles listed in appropriate order, TYVM) at my previous employer (the one where I worked for baby number one, used STD, exhausted all of my vacation days and was back at work at twelve weeks) on family leave…

Paid leave for fathers, too, please

Reeves, who is British (of course), notes that policymaking needs to catch up and men may need a little nudge, so take note of this Fortune 500 getting the memo and consider yourself nudged, my love.

OJ was born in a baby boom nine months after a winter with many snow days–who wants to bet it all on black that there will be another baby boom in nine months at (undisclosed employer)?

n.b.: at the start of the new year, we enacted a new policy of our own here at Tottering Hall, which is to replace particular names, words, and locational phrases, including replacing the name of my husband’s employer with the phrase, “(undisclosed employer)”. In this case, it’s really awkward but c’est la internet life.

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