Sensible parents or early onset scrooges

This is our THIRD holiday season since we moved to Texas. For the first two, we alternated holidays between our parents but THIS YEAR, we are here for BOTH Thanksgiving and Christmas. What will we do with ourselves?

Well. We got ourselves invited to a friend’s house!

Then, over the weekend, OJ got hand, foot and mouth and we quickly disinvited ourselves from said friend’s house. Regroup.

After we left the pediatrician on Monday morning with that fantastic diagnosis, we picked up ice cream (best for a sore throat) and a turkey breast (for our quarantined celebration). At that point, I didn’t know what else we would do, but there will be fried turkey by gosh by golly.

As we talked about it further, we decided it was impractical to believe that between the two kids, we would have time for cooking a real feast (and for just two people, could it possibly be worth the effort?). So yesterday Little Miss and I turned up at Central Market as soon as it opened (no alarm clock needed when she sleeps in your room) to pick up prepared side dishes.

  • Herbed potato gratin with roasted garlic and manchego
  • Duo of JalapeƱo pecan dressing and Italian sausage bread stuffing
  • Roasted beets with pistachios and orange glaze

Then as we were planning fry time and FaceTime appointments, we decided THE BEST Thanksgiving would be during NAP TIME. Talk about things for which to be THANKFUL!

A quiet, hot meal with your spouse in the comfort of your own home=priceless.

Fast forward to today, Turkey Day.

We spent the morning our for a nice walk, including a trip to the playground (note: NO Turkey Trotting). It was BRISK and CHILLY (44 degrees) when we left the house, but by the end it had really heated up (like 65 degrees).

When we got home, it was so beautiful that we all hung out, watched football and fried turkey. OUTSIDE. I remember Becky telling us that Texans LOVE to do Thanksgiving outside. What a perk and what luck to finally be here for this holiday. So Texans we shall be! (at Thanksgiving).

T prepared the turkey by injecting it with cajun butter and rubbing it all over with cajun spices, then dropped it in our Bayou Classic turkey fryer / crawfish boil / beer homebrew pot.

Put the kids down for naps, carved the turkey, and reheated the sides.

We grabbed our picnic, pinot noir and sunglasses, and headed back outside to sit on the deck for our al fresco feast.

Selfishly, it was WONDERFUL.

Pure, adult, BLISS.

You are thinking: THEY. ARE. TERRIBLE. PARENTS.

IN DEFENSE: We love our kids. But let’s get real. OJ would not eat any of the food and Little Miss would just demand to be held. And for a holiday that is ALL ABOUT THE MEAL, I say we made the most of it.

If there is a year to get away with having Thanksgiving without our kids, THIS is the year. Without guests or plans, we are the captains of this holiday ship, but unlikely to have such freedom again anytime soon. Best enjoy it!

And enjoy we did. In the warm sunshine on a Thursday afternoon. #WINNING

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