Life at the Hall

The days can be like the nights

Little Miss has a sixth sense–she will be fast and dead asleep until her mother a) gets in bed b) is ready to eat or c) sits down to write a blog post, without fail. So my fingers will type fast or I will learn to type with my left hand.

I am "SO GLAD" we joined the pool this summer because I think we went maybe three times before Little Miss was born. I had the swimsuit to swing it–the bedrest thing kind of killed the effort. Now that she is here, I am banned from swimming until my postpartum check, by which time the pool will already be in "no lifeguards until 4:00pm because they are all at school" mode. Also, little babies are not supposed to go out in weather above 80 degrees, and since it barely gets below 80 at night here, the local pool is definitely not an option before the season is over at Labor Day.

For convenience and family appeal, we had a small inflatable pool from Target earlier this summer, the Intex 88" X 85" X 30" Swim Center Family Lounge Inflatable Pool. Country Club Redneck all the way.

Working the lounge pool so hard–so hard it found a hole and because of the heat, a patch would not hold, so into the trash goes that $40.

Then T decided to get serious. He purchased the INTEX 12' x 30" easy set pool from "AMAZON DOT COM", as OJ says. It arrived this morning.


After ordering the pool and before it arrived, T watched lots of youtube videos about assembling it because this thing is legit–it comes with it's own filter! We also purchased chlorine, a floater, and a cover. Lastly, it's HUGE–it is almost double the size of the lounge pool. We have left the realm of Redneck and officially entered into Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.

They say the water is nice, but Little Miss and I are still ineligible to play. I guess it's a good thing the heat doesn't end when summer does so OJ and I should swim laps until at least Halloween…

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