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The Mystick Krewe, The Mardi Gras Ball

Either for my birthday or with my birthday as an excuse, T bought tickets in October for The Mystick Krewe of Louisianians Washington Mardi Gras Ball 2011, which was this past weekend, 11 and 12 February. 

For the record, I was in dress R&D for the intervening months. Evidence below. 
On Friday (dinner dance evening), T said to me that he thought he needed a new bow tie. Are you kidding you’ve had only four months to think about this and you leave it to the last day. 

Happily I got him one but apparently still not the right one. But he pulls off the butler look quite well… 

The pretty tulips are from my godmother–I invited her over for a little champers and to take some pretty pics. What’s the point of getting dressed up and then not documenting with photographic evidence?!

Tottering Hall could really do with a fireplace or a mantle, or at least a nice place to snap some pics. 

 So we’re dressed and we are ready, let’s go! Arrival, below.

This is the Washington Hilton International Ballroom. At 35,000 sqft, this is the largest ballroom on the East Coast. At the opposite side of the room, Senator Landrieu  and also this year’s Washington Mardi Gras Chairperson. 

Three dinner courses, two dances and after all the court had been introduced (favourite festival queen title: shrimp and petroleum festival and favourite princess name: Jene Chante Clayton of Port Allen, LA) it was time to go home.  

Saturday night, the ball. The main event. Since this was our first crack at the weekend, we learned many things, including, next year, skip the Friday dinner dance and strictly do the Saturday ball.   

 Geaux Tigers! 

Again, after the introductions of all princesses, festival queens, the krewe members, the PARADE begins! Must have gone on for a half hour and multiple multiple trips around the ballroom. The king and his queen. 


The band in the parade.

Krewe Members in hooded capes. T tells me they usually ride on horses. 

 A bull (?) in the parade.

 The king tossing beads to his loyal subjects. 

 I caught only TWO strands of beads. ONLY TWO!?! How to fix? Attend the real deal. 

 Thank you T for a lovely time at the ball this weekend! 

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