The queen of karma

Ironically we are flying today, release day for Listen to Your Mother¬†videos, and definitely not on United.¬†“We all have horrible travel stories with United…”

So without further adieu, the youtube videos from the 2016 Listen to Your Mother here show (and I just happen to be first).

This adventure started in the beginning of February when I wrote and auditioned this story. Shortly thereafter I was cast in the show, met the rest of the cast at our first rehearsal in late February and then after one more rehearsal, my mother flew into town because she thought it was so damn funny I was in a show called “Listen to Your Mother” and it was show day. That was April 23, 2016. The first show of the 2016 season, and the first year in here.

Back to the present today with fingers crossed for an uneventful flight from here to Baltimore, then on to Buffalo for a late evening arrival before this weekend’s big G Family Reunion.

REUNION!? Our family isn’t really the reunion type. I mean–we are, but usually it’s under the tents at Colgate with our respective classmates or in a staff polo shirt. I don’t think there is a tent this weekend but there is a party bus and an official t-shirt. And I heard my cousin is bringing the Colgate beirut table. Sweet Jesus like any of us are in shape for that kind of competitive drinking. We have KIDS, for pete’s sake!

Stay safe, my friends.

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