Life at the Hall

Turning 37 on 37th Street

When you are living at your mom’s house for your birthday

When you have to celebrate your birthday without a parent, for the first time

When the (very awesome) preschool director refers to your living situation as your “multi-generational household” but you keep thinking you are living a modern, middle-class version of Upstairs Downstairs, set to the soundtrack of Everyday I’m hustlin’

When you realize celebrating your kids’ birthday is more exciting than celebrating your own birthday

When you reach that turning point in your life where your birthday is no longer a celebration but a lamentation 

When your big birthday date is over iced coffee and chocolate milk 

When your son’s OT, who is about the same age, asks “Did you go to Colgate?” and then instead of telling you how a friend of hers went there, she proceeds to tell you that her friends are professors there, because that’s how old you are 

When champagne and flowers are more than you expected

When you buy lottery tickets for the first time in your life on your birthday with the $46 collected from husband, mother, and grandmother which has to be a good omen, especially when the cashier hands you exactly 23 tickets for your 10/23 birthday

When Cheers is where everyone knows your name but home is where everyone knows it’s your birthday–your family friend who parks in your space as you leave the local shops, the neighbor who greets you in the driveway, the family friend and neighbor you see walking to pickup his daughter from piano lessons, your favorite friends who bring the Veuve, and you realize it’s so nice to be home 

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