We’re Moving Home for Holy Trinity

This past weekend was the most beautiful anniversary mass at our church, celebrating 225 years of Jesuits on Holy Hill. Envision this special celebration as high, festive mass with smells and pagentry and organ music, and packed from wall to wall.

As part of the anniversary year, a special monthly bulletin was produced to share memories and histories of our parish. Upon joining the staff, I was encouraged to write about my own entanglement with Holy Trinity, and it was published in the final issue. Sharing here.

Because of this reflection, the anniversary manager asked me to bring the gifts forward at the Founders Day Mass with my family.

Unintentionally and unrelated, we ended up sitting in the front row of the “overflow” section that is literally right next to the altar. The kids had a great view and we were right in the middle of the mass, seeing all the altar action up close and personal–it was awesome. I’d add this past Sunday to THE LIST of Special Occasions and Memories at Holy Trinity. I am so glad we are home.

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