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WGCC Author Series: David Kilcullen

From The King’s Speech, which we watched last Saturday night just in the knick of time before it was awarded Best Film 2010 Sunday night, “‎I don’t know what an Australian would do for that amount of money” in reference to Lionel Logue. 

Some Australians would even write a book for money. 

Tonight’s installment of the author series at the club featured David Kilcullen… 

Dr. David Kilcullen is an Australian author and consultant on counterinsurgency and counterterrorism who is the founder and CEO of Caerus Associates, a Washington D.C. based consultancy firm. He is a former Australian Army Royal Australian Infantry Corps Lieutenant Colonel and Analyst with the Australian Office of National Assessments. Kilcullen was seconded to the United States Department of State Office of the Coordinator for Counterterrorism as Chief Counterterrorism Strategist and then was the Special Advisor for Counterinsurgency to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. In 2007 he served as the Senior Counterinsurgency Adviser to the Commander of the Multi-National Force – Iraq General David Petraeus as a civilian position on his personal staff responsible for planning and executing the 2007-08 Joint Campaign Plan which drove the Iraq War troop surge of 2007. Kilcullen has also been an advisor to the British Government and the Australian government, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the International Security Assistance Force and to several private sector institutions. He is also a former Senior Fellow of the Center for a New American Security and now a Member of the Center for a New American Security Advisory Board.

So my parents sent me the invitation for the event, earlier in the week, thinking only of T. 

I played the middle man and passed it forward to him, and he was quite interested in going because he is halfway through Kilcullen’s first book, The Accidental Guerilla.

The subject of his talk was really his second book, Counterinsurgency. He talked about small c counterinsurgency and big C Counterinsurgency and had some nice little anecdotal tales, then took questions. 

Question Time 
The country club being the country club, there was of course the member who was far too many in to his cups (a Florida fan, I pointed out to T) and asked some inappropriate questions which clearly made everyone in the audience uncomfortable, so that was classy. I heard a man sitting behind us and on the other side of the room say in a ‘whisper’ to his wife, “Who is this guy?” 

Since I know that T is a man of many words, and I know how much he likes to draw attention to himself, I challenged him:
I dont’ know how much money it would take for T to talk in public but I learned tonight it is more than twenty bucks. 

Shmooze Time 
After the conclusion, Kilcullen was available to autograph books so we stood in line, I purchased the second book for T to read when he is done with the first, and when Kilcullen was ready to sign our book, I turned around and T was POOF nowhere to be seen. Talk about guerrilla tactics. 
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